Fall Family Portrait Mini Sessions 2017

A family portrait session is something that many of us regularly consider; and yet, that critical moment –– picking up the phone or sitting down the send the email –– never happens. Our lives in today’s world seem to fly by at an ever increasing rate, and before we have time to reflect, our children are grown, our hair has betrayed us (either making a full and silent departure or turning a shade we never thought we would ever rock), and the moments we reflect on with nostalgia –– Eddie’s awkward phase; Susan’s blonde stage; Dad’s dad-jean nightmare –– are gone forever.

Think for a moment about these transitions; think of them like the subtle growth of hair: the change is unrecognizable day-day, and yet profoundly different when compared over time. We may have albums of iPhone photos buried deep in the depths of our Photos app (or, even worse, gone forever after that “accident” at the beach), but how often do we really seek out these buried moments? How often do we have friends over for dinner and dig out our phones, search for a random photo taken on vacation five years ago by that elderly couple who cropped off little Eddie’s feet, positioned the sun in such a way that Mom has a halo around her head, and Dad is in what appears to be the throws of a sneeze? Never.

What is much more likely is that Grandma comes over for a birthday party and comments on that (beautiful) portrait hanging over the fireplace (no cropped feet, no awkward sun angle, nobody mid-sneeze); Liz from high-school stops by for a visit while she is in town and gushes over the perfect family you have.

In all seriousness, it’s those portraits that you take with you through life. They may help you through a bad day; they may become the center of conversation at dinner; and they will be the link your children have to their past (perhaps with laughs and grunts, but solid and never-changing). Catch the hair as it is; memorialize the dad-jeans; capture Eddie’s uninhibited, joyful awkward grin. We can say one thing with certainty, based upon our decade-long relationship with returning clients: It’s one thing you will never regret doing.

We are offering a limited number of fall mini-portrait sessions on October 29, November 5, and November 12 at our convenient and scenic Lothian, MD location. No procrastinating! This is the perfect time to start preserving your family memories!  Follow this link to schedule now: